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Coastal Grounds

Coastal Grounds is the first gourmet coffee bar on Sunset Beach. Our vision is to create a laid back beach vibe once you hit the island, and a place you will revisit for years to come. Founded in 2018, with a long future in mind, we look forward to many seasons to come. Our location is not only convenient, but it is the beach equipment headquarters for Julie’s Rentals.

Our Fair Trade & Certified Organic coffee is from  Central & South America. The types of roasts we carry are; Medium Roast – Nicely balanced cup. Medium body, citrus acidity, notes of honey and tangerine with a sweet, delicious finish. *USDA Certified & Fair Trade.

  • Gourmet Java
    Gourmet Java
    We only use the best arabica coffee beans sourced from some of the most well known coffee regions in the world.
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies
    Fresh Fruit Smoothies
    Fresh fruit smoothies are not only yummy, but a healthy alternative. Cool down or as a meal replacement.
  • Coffee Bean Sale
    Coffee Bean Sale
    If you love our coffee as much as we do, take home a pound or two. Enjoy our coffee anytime in your own home.

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